California Blackberry (Rubus ursinus)

California Blackberry

A favorite summer activity for many is swimming along Putah Creek, breaking every once in a while to munch on the blackberries that line the creek. It’s hard to resist the sweet flavors of a blackberry, but what kind of blackberries are along the creek?

Job Announcements: Volunteer Coordinator and Communications Coordinator NOW HIRING

Putah Creek Council is an environmental nonprofit based out of Winters, CA that protects and enhances Putah Creek through advocacy, education, and environmental stewardsip. PCC is seeking motivated and enviornmentally minded individuals to manage volunteers and public outreach to further our mission of restoration and conservation of the creek. We are recruiting for two, part-time positions: Volunteer Coordinator and Communications Coordinator.

California Kingsnake (Lampropeltis californiae)

California Kingsnake

Although many snakes are highly venomous and a genuine cause for concern, some species are much more benign and even help with pest control! One of these friendly species is the California King snake.

Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)

California Wood Duck

It’s a beautiful day out at the creek. You’re relaxing under the shade of a cottonwood and you hear a rustle above you, what could it be? You look up to see that it’s no other than the breathtaking Wood Duck! This flamboyant, tree dwelling waterfowl can be found throughout most parts of Northern America, but don’t let its prevalence make you think it’s not special!

Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)

Turkey Vulture

The sky above Putah Creek is home to an array of beautiful bird species, but there are definitely some that are prettier than others. In the land of beautiful bald eagles and ravishing red tailed hawks, the Turkey Vulture may seem a little — uh — ugly.

Great Valley Gumweed (Grindelia camporum)

Great Valley Gumweed

If you’re familiar with California flora then you’re likely to know of the Great Valley gumweed (AKA gumplant): the small plant with daisy-like flowers that seems to grow everywhere in the central valley.