To know Putah Creek is to love Putah Creek. Fostering personal and community understanding of Putah Creek has always been the driving force behind our education work. PCC’s Education Programs inspire young minds, engage the public, and cultivate new generations of environmental restoration professionals.



The WaterWays Program is a water conservation, environmental science, and restoration field trip program for 4th and 5th grade students within Solano County. The program aims to get young minds more involved with the natural resources, wildlife, and habitat along Putah Creek.

OneCreek is a conservation and restoration program for high school and college aged students or individuals interested in hands-on restoration experience. Both educational and field based, this program connects OneCreekers with local agencies and organizations within the environmental stewardship, restoration, and natural resource fields within Solano and Yolo Counties.

OneCreek volunteers


Putah Creek Council’s six month speaker series, CreekSpeak, brings presentations on the nature, history, and culture of this region to our community! Always changing and evolving each year, CreekSpeak tackles all sorts of topics concerning research, restoration projects, wildlife, cultural and social issues, and so much more! CreekSpeak happens May through October every year.