WaterWays introduces Solano County students to the wonders of Putah Creek through lessons exploring watersheds, water conservation, and a half-day field trip to Lake Solano Park.

In-class lessons give students the background they need to better understand the habitat around them. Our field trips, hosted at Lake Solano Park, expose students to the wonderful wildlife habitat and native flora and fauna of Putah Creek. By making connections with Putah Creek (a drinking water source for Solano County), our aim is to inspire responsibility and thoughtful use of Putah Creek and its water resources.

Kids at WaterWays event


At the heart of WaterWays is the goal of connection and commitment to keeping the Putah Cache Watershed a clean and healthy place for humans and nature.

Generously funded by Solano County Water Agency, WaterWays is offered for free to elementary and grade schools in Solano County. WaterWays is offered in Winter and Spring and is intended for 4th and 5th grade classrooms. Bus scholarships are offered when available to help support classrooms making the journey out to Lake Solano Park.

Topics Covered