Native Plant Nursery

Putah Creek Nursery grows native species sourced within the Putah-Cache watershed. Our community-centered nursery educates and involves volunteers and interns to grow native plant species from seed to maturity. We grow for restoration projects and gardeners alike.

Our nursery is nestled along Putah Creek near Lake Solano Park. We grow over 120 local native tree, shrub, forb and grass species. Interested in purchasing plants from Putah Creek Nursery? Get in touch with us for pricing and plant availability.

We grow over 120 local native tree, shrub, forb and grass species. 

Our promise to customers:

  • We ethically source our plant and seed material from local wildlands to ensure their locality to the region
  • We adhere to phytosanitary Best Management Practices at every stage of production to reduce the risk of disease and pathogens in our stock
  • We are uniquely operated by volunteers, interns, staff, and other community members
  • We recognize we are operating on Patwin land, and they are the original and ongoing stewards of the plants we grow
Native plant nursery field

Plant Availability List

Latin NameCommon NameTypeContainerQuantityRetail Price25-150cc plug tray@$0.50/plugStubby/ Styroblock @$4.00 ea400-600cc deep pots (D40's) @$7.50 ea Treepots gallon (T4's) @$10 ea 16x16in trays call for pricingTotalNotes
Acer negundoBoxelder6060
Achillea millefoliumYarrow1515
Aesculus californicaCalifornia Buckeye0
Alnus rhombifoliaWhite Alder4040Available by December 1
Apocynum cannabiumDogbane0
Artemisia douglasianaMugwort0
Asclepias fascicularisNarrowleaf Milkweed1212
Asclepias speciosaShowy Milkweed66
Baccharis pilularisCoyote Brush0
Baccharis salicifoliaMulefat0
Brickellia californicaCA brickelia0
Calycanthus occidentalisSpicebush0
Carex barbaraeSanta Barbara Sedge0
Carex praegracilisClustered Field/slender Sedge0
Carex nudataTorrent Sedge0
Ceanothus cuneatusBuckbrush0
Ceanothus thyrisfloraBlueblossom0
Cephalanthus occidentalisButtonwillow0
Cercis occidentalisWestern Redbud55
Chlorogalum pomeridianumSoaplant11
Cornus sericiaRed osier dogwood0
Cyperus eragrostisTall Flatsedge0
Datura wrightiiDatura0
Distichlis spicataSalt Grass0
Elymus triticoidesCreeping wild rye0
Epilobium canumCA Fuschia0
Eriodictyon californicumYerba Santa0
Eriogonum fasciculatumCA Buckwheat0
Euthamia occidentalisWestern Goldenrod1212
Frangula californicaMountain Coffeeberry0
Fraxinus dipetalaCalifornia Ash0
Grindelia camporumGumplant0
Heliotropium curassavicumAlkali Heliotrope0
Heteromeles arbutifoliaToyon940940
Hoita macrostachyaLarge Leather Root0
Keckiella lemonniiKeckiella0
Lupinus albifronsSilver Lupine0
Marah fabaceusManroot0
Mentzelia laevicaulisBlazing Star0
Mimulus aurantiacusSticky Monkey flower2525
Muhlenbergia rigensDeergrass0
Oenothera elataHooker's primrose0
Penstemon heterophyllusFoothill beardstongue0
Pinus sabinianaFoothill Pine0
Platanus racemosaCalifornia Sycamore0
Populus fremontiiFremont Cottonwood0
Quercus douglasiiBlue Oak5385138
Quercus dumosaScrub Oak0
Quercus lobataValley Oak165165
Quercus wislizeniInterior Live Oak2525
Rhus trilobataSkunkbush0
Rosa californicaCalifornia Rose0
Rubus ursinusCalifornia Blackberry0
Salix gooddingiiGoodding's Willow3232
Salix laevigataRed willow4545
Salix lasiolepisArroyo Willow5252
Salvia leucophyllaCalifornia purple sage0
Salvia melliferaCalifornia black sage1414
Salvia spathaceaHummingbird sage0
Sambucus nigra ssp. caeruleaBlue Elderberry0
Stachys palustrisHedge nettle0
Symphoricarpos albusSnowberry0
Symphyotrichum chilensePacific Aster0
Vitis californicaCalifornia Wild Grape0

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